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Archive for May, 2007

What does the Global Abundance Program actually sell?

Posted by abledragon on 15 May, 2007

I got a question in my email the other day that asked what GAP actually sells and what did GAP members actually have to do.

Here are the answers:

What does GAP sell? GAP sells wealth creation products.

Firstly a Mortgage Reduction Program: this program allows you to reduce your mortgage from 30 years to between 7 and 11 years, without any increase in monthly cost, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

Secondly a forex trading system: this is a red light/green light system that indicates the optimal time to sell or buy your paired currencies.

Thirdly, for Titanium members, you get a Travel Portal. This allows you to book any kind of travel, for yourself and your family, at big discounts.

In addition, you can market up to 4 of your own products in the GAP system and benefit from the GAP’s marketing momentum.

What do GAP members have to do? GAP members have to promote their GAP website and they can sell the GAP marketing system, the mortgage reduction program or both.

What does GAP do? GAP provides ‘fast start’ marketing support to new members at Silver level and above, which is particularly useful to get things going quickly. GAP also runs marketing co-ops which you can join for a fee (currently $300) and which allow you to benefit from GAP’s national advertising programs. Both of these marketing programs will generate traffic to your website.

However, to really maximise the opportunity that GAP offers, you need to use your own resources to develop a steady stream of traffic to your site.

For system sales, GAP has a team of business advisors to talk to prospects, answer their questions and close the sale. For sales of the Mortgage Reduction Program interested prospects fill out a request form on the GAP site and will be contacted by one of the customer service people who look after the MRP.

So you, as the GAP business owner, do not need to do any personal selling or explaining.

As I said above – what you need to do is get traffic to your site. The system takes care of the rest.

For more information on the Global Abundance Program Click Here!


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New promotional emails developed for GAP members

Posted by abledragon on 14 May, 2007

GAP has just released a number of new, pre-written promotional emails for members to use.

You can tailor them to suit your branding and use them as part of your auto-responder sequence, or as promotional emails in advertising activities.

For me – I’ll add them to my GAP opt-in list message sequence and also use them as broadcast messages to my non-GAP opt-in list.

These guys continue to impress me with the amount of effort they put into supporting members and helping them to become successful!

For more about the Global Abundance Program Click Here!

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GAP rolls out the Internet’s most powerful business building resource centre

Posted by abledragon on 8 May, 2007

The Global Abundance Program, launched less than 3 months ago, is completing the resource rich back office facility for GAP members. This facility, which is already awesome in what it contains, still has more to come.

Already available is everything I mentioned last time, but still to come is the (eagerly awaited by me!) ‘Virtual Mentor’ – a sort of online tutor which will guide you through all the steps you need to follow to succeed at this business.

Now that’s what I need…!

For more information on GAP Click Here!


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Unrivalled Support Infrastructure for GAP Business Owners…

Posted by abledragon on 2 May, 2007

The Global Abundance Program unveiled the new ‘back office’ support infrastructure for GAP business owners over the weekend. Awesome!

There is everything there from tracking and monitoring tools to follow your leads and callbacks, pages where you can update information that people need to know and which applies to your entire website (e.g. how people can pay you!), motivational videos and books, all the forms and documentation you need (e.g. application forms to become a credit card accepting merchant), product library, Calendar of GAP events, News notice board, chat rooms, FAQ’s – the list goes on.

This is TRULY a business in a box!

Click Here! To discover more about the Global Abundance Program


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