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Mortgage Acceleration Plus Update..!

Posted by abledragon on 23 June, 2007

A couple of posts ago I wrote that G.A.P. is upgrading and re-naming its Mortgage Reduction Program – the new program is to be called the Mortgage Acceleration Plus program.

There were a number of people who expressed an interest in the MRP during the changeover period and they may not have been contacted by anyone after submitting their details because of the logistics of managing the changeover.

Calls started going out this week to all those who had previously expressed an interest, starting with the earliest people to register.

The new Mortgage Acceleration Plus program is an awesome program – much more powerful than the MRP! And it will be extended to markets outside of the US soon.

For more information on how to pay off your mortgage in 7 – 10 years Click Here!

(Please bear with us during the changeover period – submit your details through the form on the site – we WILL get to you!)

Mortgage Acceleration Plus


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