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An ex-pat who grew up in Zimbabwe and now lives in Asia…Martin Malden

Martin Malden here, thanks for visiting!

What you can expect to find on this blog:

News and updates about the Global Abundance Program – the vehicle through which I’m creating an awesome home business.

I’ll let you know about new products, upgraded products, new or improved support systems for G.A.P. business owners – anything that is new and of use to anyone who’s interested in the Global Abundance Program – whether or not you’re a G.A.P. business owner.

Who is Martin Malden?

I’m an Independent Business owner of the Global Abundance Program.

I grew up in Zimbabwe, but politics have destroyed what was a beautiful and thriving country, so today my home is Hong Kong.

Like many, I lost big time in the dot com crash and I’ve spent the last few years slaving away to re-build the savings and capital I had.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: for me, true security comes from being in control of my own income.

I’ve looked at Internet businesses for the past 8 months, in search of an opportunity that would give me that control. Eventually I came across the Global Abundance Program.

There were 3 things that made G.A.P. stand out for me:

1) The support and personal contact I’ve had with G.A.P. is totally unlike any other Internet based business opportunity I’ve looked at.

2) I love the commitment to give 10% of profits to charity – to help address the issues of poverty and health for people in less developed parts of the world.

3) The commission plan. The value of the commission structure, when combined with the growth projections of people buying on the Internet, will give me total control of my own income far into the future. True Security!

If you’re serious about securing your own future and are attracted by the idea of being able to help others who are less fortunate, please join me in this business! You don’t need to be an internet wizard, or a marketing guru – the training and support that’s available will take care of all that.

Useful Resources

For an overview of how businesses like the Global Abundance Program work, check out this link: Internet Business Ideas

For some more background on the Global Abundance Program check out this link: Bridge That G.A.P.

To get into the main G.A.P. site visit the Global Abundance Program or the G.A.P. VIP Team. You will need to enter your name and email address to access the main site.

If you have any questions about the Global Abundance Program (or even if you just want to say ‘hi’) please get in touch:

My contact details:

Phone: +852 9238 9998
Skype: martin70707

Failure is Not The Falling Down, But The Staying Down!


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