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Improved Support for G.A.P. Business Owners

Posted by abledragon on 18 June, 2007

The Global Abundance Program is introducing its online training room this week – a facility that will allow all G.A.P. business owners to access training in areas directly relevant to their needs at times that suit them.

This suits me just fine, since I’m based in Hong Kong. The weekly training sessions that have been run to date have been held in the evenings, US time – smack in the middle of the time I’m supposed to be doing my day job!

The other new development that’s being introduced that will greatly benefit G.A.P. business owners based outside of the US is a second weekly Business Overview call. This will be held at a time that is more convenient for potential business owners in Asia and Europe.

The Global Abundance Program has been in business for just 5 months – but the continuous stream of new developments that are being introduced every week are making it into the primary home based business opportunity on the Internet.

Watch out for the launch of the new Mortgage Acceleration Plan at the beginning of July! (See the previous post)

For more information on the Global Abundance Program Click Here!


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GAP rolls out the Internet’s most powerful business building resource centre

Posted by abledragon on 8 May, 2007

The Global Abundance Program, launched less than 3 months ago, is completing the resource rich back office facility for GAP members. This facility, which is already awesome in what it contains, still has more to come.

Already available is everything I mentioned last time, but still to come is the (eagerly awaited by me!) ‘Virtual Mentor’ – a sort of online tutor which will guide you through all the steps you need to follow to succeed at this business.

Now that’s what I need…!

For more information on GAP Click Here!


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Unrivalled Support Infrastructure for GAP Business Owners…

Posted by abledragon on 2 May, 2007

The Global Abundance Program unveiled the new ‘back office’ support infrastructure for GAP business owners over the weekend. Awesome!

There is everything there from tracking and monitoring tools to follow your leads and callbacks, pages where you can update information that people need to know and which applies to your entire website (e.g. how people can pay you!), motivational videos and books, all the forms and documentation you need (e.g. application forms to become a credit card accepting merchant), product library, Calendar of GAP events, News notice board, chat rooms, FAQ’s – the list goes on.

This is TRULY a business in a box!

Click Here! To discover more about the Global Abundance Program


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