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Improved Support for G.A.P. Business Owners

Posted by abledragon on 18 June, 2007

The Global Abundance Program is introducing its online training room this week – a facility that will allow all G.A.P. business owners to access training in areas directly relevant to their needs at times that suit them.

This suits me just fine, since I’m based in Hong Kong. The weekly training sessions that have been run to date have been held in the evenings, US time – smack in the middle of the time I’m supposed to be doing my day job!

The other new development that’s being introduced that will greatly benefit G.A.P. business owners based outside of the US is a second weekly Business Overview call. This will be held at a time that is more convenient for potential business owners in Asia and Europe.

The Global Abundance Program has been in business for just 5 months – but the continuous stream of new developments that are being introduced every week are making it into the primary home based business opportunity on the Internet.

Watch out for the launch of the new Mortgage Acceleration Plan at the beginning of July! (See the previous post)

For more information on the Global Abundance Program Click Here!


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The Global Abundance Program is Different – So What..?

Posted by abledragon on 13 April, 2007

When I first found the Global Abundance Program (GAP), one of the things I found very attractive was the unique, modified 1-up compensation plan.

In a typical 1-up program, the commission from your first sale is passed to your up-line – you, as the new sponsor, get nothing. In a 2-up program this applies to the first 2 sales.

In my opinion, this creates problems. Explaining to new prospects that they need to pass up 1 or 2 training sales to their up-line is hard. They may even think that the program is a scam because they make sales but get no commission.

In the Global Abundance Program’s modified 1-up program, the first-sale commission is split between the new sponsor and their up-line. For the 2nd sale, the new member stays with the new sponsor but the commission is also split between the new sponsor and their up-line. From 3rd sale onwards, the new sponsor earns full commission.

In my opinion, this is a great improvement over the old 1-up or 2-up pay plans. Because new sponsors get paid on their first sale, they’re more motivated. They can also use the profits from their first sale to advertise and grow their business more quickly, motivating them still further!

The G.A.P. website has been professionally designed to sell the business opportunity. At the bottom of each page is a ‘Have Questions?’ button. If you hit this button a Business Advisor will call you back within a few minutes – no matter where in the world you live. The Business Advisor’s job is to answer your questions and explain the business. They will not try to sell you anything or push you into a decision.

I requested a call back before I signed up and the advisor who called me was well trained and professional. At one point he even cautioned me not to try to get in at a level above which I could comfortably afford. This was a hugely refreshing change from the hard sell experiences that I had been through before, when reviewing previous opportunities!

Essentially, therefore, the combination of the website that’s professionally designed to sell the opportunity, and the business advisor team who are there to answer questions, means that GAP members do not have to actively sell the business themselves. The system does it all for them. All GAP members need to do is promote their website.

With 5 levels of membership, G.A.P. have made it affordable for people new to the Internet to start up a home business easily and quickly, and for seasoned marketers to enter at a higher level and take advantage of the premium business packages.

Additionally, a member is not locked in to the level at which they joined. You can upgrade to a higher level when you start making money and have the funds available to do so. That means you can start quietly, then progressively upgrade and grow with the company as your own experience and skill level grows

The best way to experience what G.A.P. can do for you is to visit the website and take a look around. After that, request a call back through the ‘Have Questions?’ button, and let a Business Advisor answer your questions and explain the opportunity in more detail. It doesn’t matter where you live, these guys are on the job 24/7!

To see what GAP can do for you Click Here! Enter your name and email address to get into the site and take a look around.

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