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Important Information if You Own a Home!

Posted by abledragon on 26 June, 2007

I received a question about the Mortgage Acceleration Plus program in my email today, so I just thought I’d highlight some of the key factors of the program again.

Firstly and most importantly – you do NOT need to be a G.A.P. business owner to benefit from the Mortgage Acceleration Plus program!  ANYONE who lives in the United States can benefit, whether or not they are a G.A.P. business owner.

In the simplest terms, the Mortgage Acceleration Plus (MAP) program accelerates the repayment of principal on your mortgage and therefore saves you thousands of dollars in wasted interest cost, with no increase in your monthly payments.

Take this very basic example, using broad, example only figures:

If you have a mortgage of $250,000 over 30 years, and your monthly repayments are $1,620 a month, the true cost of buying your home is 360 (30 years X 12 months) times $1,620, which comes to 583,200 dollars – $333,200 of which is wasted in interest. If the market value of your home is $300,000 then you will have paid $283,200 more ($583,200 – $300,000) than it’s worth!

The MAP program will enable you to reduce your term by over 50% through accelerating the repayment of principal – and this will enable you to save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest costs, depending on the amount currently outstanding and the length of time that’s still to run on your mortgage term.

For more information take a look at this page:

Mortgage Acceleration Plus program

Read through the information there and then click the link through to see the real life example.

On that page (with the real life example) you will see a couple of paragraphs talking about how you can earn commission by promoting the MAP as a Global Abundance Program business owner.  If you’re only interested in the MAP program just ignore these sections and continue reading down the page.

You do NOT need to be a G.A.P. business owner to benefit from the MAP!

Read on down the page, follow the instructions there to see the more detailed presentation and then fill in your details and submit the form.  You will be contacted by a consultant to set up an assessment of how much can be saved for you.

Again – you do NOT need to be a G.A.P. business owner to benefit from the MAP.  Anyone who lives in the US can benefit from this program!

Check it out here!

And, again, see my previous post:  we are currently in the launch phase of MAP but please visit the site, enter your details and submit the form.  We WILL get back to you!


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Mortgage Acceleration Plus Update..!

Posted by abledragon on 23 June, 2007

A couple of posts ago I wrote that G.A.P. is upgrading and re-naming its Mortgage Reduction Program – the new program is to be called the Mortgage Acceleration Plus program.

There were a number of people who expressed an interest in the MRP during the changeover period and they may not have been contacted by anyone after submitting their details because of the logistics of managing the changeover.

Calls started going out this week to all those who had previously expressed an interest, starting with the earliest people to register.

The new Mortgage Acceleration Plus program is an awesome program – much more powerful than the MRP! And it will be extended to markets outside of the US soon.

For more information on how to pay off your mortgage in 7 – 10 years Click Here!

(Please bear with us during the changeover period – submit your details through the form on the site – we WILL get to you!)

Mortgage Acceleration Plus

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