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Bragging rights…

Posted by abledragon on 3 June, 2007

Just thought I’d show you this update that was given to GAP members yesterday. For me there are a few messages here:

  1. GAP is being extremely successful
  2. Despite this early success, the program is being continually improved and developed
  3. For me, the commitment of the GAP owners to delivering the best possible home business opportunity, which was one of the things that attracted me initially, is being fulfilled.

Here’s the excerpt:

“. . . We are thankful that in just over 4 months, we have seen the success we have seen. Did you know there are other businesses that are at our price-points, in particular the Platinum and Titanium package prices, that it took YEARS to have the numbers of members that we have after just over 4 months? We are very grateful for your work and confidence.

Often we get compared to other businesses that have been around for YEARS, but that is like comparing a babe in diapers to a teenager in terms of athletic ability. We are very thankful for the success of our systems up to now, but we know there is a lot of growth and development yet to come.

But, again, we are not satisfied. We are on the hunt for the GOLDEN KEY to make G.A.P. outlandishly prosperous for all members. We think we are getting closer than ever. . .”

For more information on GAP. . . Click Here!


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Keeping Customers (Part 2)

Posted by abledragon on 28 March, 2007

Hmmm – well, I’m still on SUNDAY this morning…

Got a call last night from SmarTone telling me that SUNDAY had rejected my number transfer request because the registered name on my account was wrong. Turns out that my Surname had somehow disappeared from my account….?? Interesting.

So I went to a SUNDAY shop on the way home and got my surname put back into my account details. SmarTone are going to start the transfer process again today – let’s see what happens this time…

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Keeping customers

Posted by abledragon on 27 March, 2007

I was one of the first people to sign up with SUNDAY when it launched. In fact the reason I came to Hong Kong was to write the licence application, so when it launched I had a feeling of ownership. I’ve been a customer of SUNDAY ever since. But no more.

One of the services I really liked was one where they sent me a text message every time I got an email. I could check the text, and if I wanted to respond to the email I could log in and do so. If not, I could do it later.

Over the past 18 months the network coverage has got steadily worse. Now I cannot count on being able to have a quality connection in my flat. And finally, last week, I got a text that went something like this:

“With effect from 16th April the HandyWorkstation service will be cancelled” That was it.

Well the Handy Workstation service is what provided the text alerts for my emails. So my reaction was:

“With effect from today my account will be cancelled”

Tomorrow I start with SmarTone. Let’s see how it goes.

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